DIY Decor Ideas for a Rustic Fall Rehearsal Dinner

It’s countdown until the Fall Bridal Season…to many, it’s the best time of year to tie the knot…that summer heat and humidity has finally been replaced with a cool, crispness in the air and the colorful leaves, oh those leaves!

You may be deciding just where to host your rehearsal dinner.  Will it be in a restaurant, favorite college hang-out, winery, brew pub or in your own backyard with some good ‘ole cue?

Regardless of where you decide to have your rehearsal dinner, I wanted to share some of my favorite DIY decor ideas for a Fall celebration that will work in any type setting and most importantly, not break the bank!

Hopefully these ideas will give you that inspiration to do something really fun to make that 1st night with friends and family super special.  If you do, don’t forget your camera, or even better, invite your photographer…photographers love to shoot the Rehearsal Dinner the night before the big day since it gives them a chance to know you better..and your guests.

MASON JARS: To many decorators, mason jars are like what a mash potato bar is to caterers…been there, done that!  But to me, for a casual event like a Rehearsal Dinner, there are so many ways to use them that it is hard to pass them off as being too ubiquitous.

Below are my favorite ways of incorporating mason jars in your Rehearsal Dinner decor.  Found in flea markets and vintage shops,  one could devote a whole blog to mason jars but here are a few I hope you like:

Fill Mason Jars with:

*cookie mix, stick on a cute label and give out at the end of the evening as a favor for each guest

*layers of assorted flavors of cobbler (peach, cherry, blackberry) as a colorful and yummy dessert

We luv this receipe of a “Cherry Pie in a Jar” from the Cooking Channel:

*individual family photos  vs. framing

*spiced apple cider , sweet tea, or lemonade with a cute, vintage looking straws

Mason jars as Centerpieces:

*SantaBarbaraChic posted this great idea!  Group several together, fill with wildflowers and then tie together with matching ribbon

Mason jars as Lanterns:

Hang from tree branches for a rustic ambience ….Want to learn how to hang those cute mason jars?!?! Here’s a tutorial with great instructions guiding you step-by-step:

WOOD: Sounds so woodimentary, lol, but a little piece of wood can go a very long way!  Use them as a base to display just about anything from floral arrangements, pies and cakes; it’s very handy for signage and goes great with a fall, rustic theme.

How about filling a wooden crate with Olive branches shown below.  You could use eucalyptus, or an asssortment of colorful Fall vegetables such as Squash, mini pumpkins, and artichokes for a harvest theme.

Photography: Punam Bean via Style Me Pretty

Fill a wooden crate with your favorite family photographs, or simply display with Fall fruit or bright yellow lemons.

Here’s a log that has been carved out and filled with gorgeous’s the mix of rustic with soft that makes this combo work!  Featured on our favorite wedding blogger site,

This is a super cool idea from Style Me Pretty using a wooden plank as a table runner, got to luv it!


Put these 2 fabrics together and you have a win-win!  Not that you need to but I luv using the tan of the burlap with it’s slightly rough texture next to the deep blue, super cool denim.

One day I will find a source that has done these 2 winners together, but until then, here are some favorite ways to use them solo as they are strong enough to hold their own, so to speak!

Burlap Invitations by Oh So Beautiful Paper

Use Burlap or Denim as a Table runner

or use them with mason jars!

and check out these adorable denim wrapped bottles of sodas!

and lastly, my favorites!


How about favors wrapped in burlap like this couple did for a Country Western theme in Jackson Hole.  Photography byJessica Claire.

A wedding cake wrapped in burlap (I know, it’s for the big day), but the idea is there…wrap a chocolate groom’s cake in burlap and serve as dessert at the rehearsal dinner!

and my other favorite, centerpieces wrapped in denim, filled with bright colored flowers, SWOON!

Photography:  Gabriel Ryan Photographers

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