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Mother of the Groom


The mother of the groom’s main responsibility is the rehearsal dinner, which the groom’s family plans, hosts and pays for. The rehearsal dinner should complement the wedding day and not overshine it. Many mothers of the groom host informal dinners that are held at a neighborhood restaurant or catered with fun themes such as a BBQ, luau or clambake.  All persons participating in the wedding are invited to the rehearsal dinner, along with their spouses or significant others.

Also by tradition, the mother of the groom should wait to choose her dress for the wedding until after the mother of the bride has made her selection. Then, the mother of the groom should choose a dress that is similar in style and formality. In other words, if the mother of the bride chooses a floor length dress, so should the mother of the groom.


At the actual wedding, the mother of the groom’s responsibilities are quite simple. She is escorted to the first row on the right hand side. Often, the head usher, a groomsman who is part of the family, or even the groom himself, escorts the mother of the groom to her seat. If the ceremony includes a family candle, the mother of the groom, along with the mother of the bride, lights that candle. In the receiving line, the mother of the groom stands between the bride and her mother so that she can introduce the bride to friends and relatives of the groom.

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